Salutations, mon petits corbeaux!

Welcome, one and all. I am a total amateur at this whole coding thing, so if my neocities sucks, my apologies. Here I simply intend to talk about the things I collect, my processes, and my original characters. I am using parts of the pre-existing code and editing it to make my life a little easier.

I suppose I'll introduce myself first. ⫸Howdy! My name is Corvus ⫸My pronouns are he/him/his and they/them/theirs. I am also okay with basic neopronouns such as xe/xim/xis, but only the more androgynous or "he" leaning ones. ⫸I have a wonderful cat named Emily! :] ⫸I have various fandoms that you can find on my Listography. ⫸I hope to collect many different items, mainly bones, magnets, vintage objects, and oddities! Digitally I like to collect photos of liminal spaces and blinkies :] ⫸Please be respectful on my page, this is a safe space. ⫸All hail the Watcher.

The following is a list of my active ocs: